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Food Service


From bus boxes to baking trays - U.S. Dinnerware has everything you could need for a seamless and efficient restaurant BOH.  

Industrial Suppliers

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We create storage containers with every detail designed for optimal comfort, organization, and product longevity.

Schools and Cafeterias

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Upgrade your school or cafeteria with our expertly designed trays. Molded-in handles and a basket-weave texture make these ideal for cafeterias of all sorts.


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Easy-to-clean interior surfaces that resist chemicals and stacking lugs that prevent sticking when drying make our products the fastest and most sanitary.

Military and Navy

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United States Dinnerware is and always will be 100% made in America and is proud to support the American military and navy.

Food Processing

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Our storage containers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes that can withstand a range of temperatures from -40 t0 230 degrees Fahrenheit.


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